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Elevator Car Air Purifier

Elevator Car Air Purifier

Product Introduce

Heshan has been committed to the research of elevator cabin air temperature control, air purification and other fields. Based on the first generation of TYUV series elevator cabin UV disinfection system, Heshan launched a long deep cooperation with domestic universities, research institutions, and developed the second generation TJHQ series elevator cabin air purifier. The air purify system is tested by Shanghai Disease control and Prevention Center to be as efficient as 99.86% - -99.90 in killing white staphylococcus in 20m3 lab under 60minute radiation.

For decoration materials odor solution, we have adopted TiO2 nanomaterials to make photocatalytic coatings, under UV effect, valence band electrons (e ) transitions to the conduction band, the valence band create a corresponding hole (h +), it will generates superoxide anion radicals with high oxidation, hydroxyl radicals, superoxide hydroxyl radicals, can not only formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC and other toxic gases, pollutants, odors and other oxidation and decomposition into harmless CO2 and H2O, but an efficient broad-spectrum disinfection performance of a variety of common pathogens. General antibacterial agents only bactericidal effect, but can not break down toxins, bacteria photocatalyst can be completely decomposed remains and residual toxins in the body, to achieve complete sterilization purposes. Photocatalysis process itself does not change and loss, just to provide a response place, a continuing role, stable, safe and nontoxic advantage, no secondary pollution, is green pollution-free products.

For new elevator which is dusty, we have developed an automatic dust remove device, with dust motor movements once a day or several times, to brush away stainless steel filter dust. We designed two sets of filters Optional: In the elevator installation or trial stage, the use of early effect filters, low cost, easy to replace; during normal use stage, the use of high efficiency filters in order to ensure filtration efficiency, while extending the filter usage time, filter is develop by our company and China big enterprise, each purifier uses three early effect filters plus two high efficiency filter.

In the targeted use of the new technologies on the basis of the above, our company has developed a comprehensive air purifier intelligent control system, with a weekly timer switch function as a unit, set to operate by remote control; developed purifiers work status display board inside the car, such as display the filter fouling, ultraviolet light damage,. The purifier draws on years of experience and market technology innovations, the use of nano photocatalyst technology, high-quality UV lamp, high efficiency filtration systems and many other technologies, with broad-spectrum efficient, automatic dust, air purification, intelligent control, fault alarm five superior performance.

TJHQ series of air purifiers can be linked to installed air conditioning or elevator fan, applicable to hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and other places. It has been successfully applied to Shenyang Henglong Plaza, Wuxi Henglong Plaza, Hangzhou People's First Hospital, Guangzhou Nansha Central Hospital, Baise City People's Hospital, Sichuan Institute of Materials and Technology, Pakistan Electric Power Bureau, Qinghai Academy of mental Prevention hospitals and other projects, our professional spirit wins customer!

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