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Elevator Air Conditioner

Elevator Air Conditioner

Product Introduce

With the construction of large number of intelligent building, building management systems including refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, lighting control systems and elevator management system, uses a lot of self-contained professional monitoring system. Larger elevator manufacturer, basically have their own elevator remote monitoring system. Elevator air conditioner as an important part of the elevator, currently more advanced control methods is to set the air conditioning turn on and shut down time by circulation of weeks according to the user's requirements.

According to GB / T 50314-2006 "Intelligent Building Design Standards" requirements, construction equipment management system should measure, monitor and control the building electrical equipment to ensure stable, safe and reliable running of the equipment, achieving energy-saving and environmental protection management requirements. Keeping up with the times, Heshan developed the remote-controlled type elevator air conditioning system, user can monitor, measure, control and diagnostics the elevator air conditioning running status in the control room.

"Heshan" remote-controlled elevator air conditioning systems, consist of remote-controlled elevator air conditioner, power cables from the car roof to elevator machine room and twisted pair signal transmission cable, elevator machine room relay signal amplify hubs, shielded twisted pair signal transmission cable from the elevator machine room to the building control room, computers installed with elevator air conditioning monitoring and management software and other components. The remote-controlled elevator air conditioning systems brings many benefits such as improve the scientific and intelligent level of the building, save maintenance labor, and reduce energy consumption from the equipment operation and operating generated management costs.

Elevator Air Conditioner Main Feature
No Water Drop
No electricity heating in vaporizing the condensation water, safe and electricity saving; Multiple protection from water spilling over; Efficient heat-insulation soft duct, ensuring no frost on the surface; High quality anti-rust bottom water pan.
Low Noise
International brand compressor; Dual muffler design, Damping material , absorb vibration.
Efficient and Energy Saving
Highly efficient compressor, advanced heat exchanger technology; Increased air flow design, dual cooling to refrigerant; Overall system optimization to national energy conservation standards.
Healthy and Environment Harmony
Efficient mildew proof screen, clearing dust; High-quality cold medium, removing harmful gas ;Negative oxygen ion, elevator car air purification and sterilization (optional).
Convenient Use
The on/off time program controlled; Start the air condition only once for the whole summer or winter; Remote control in the elevator car; Auto resume after electricity black out.
Authority  Certification
Shanghai Jiaotong University  Elevator Testing Center Type Testing, Report No£º2000-W030£»
China Quality Certification Center China Compulsory Product Certification, Certificate number£º 2004010703112355£»2007010703230635£»2010010703401029£»2010010703401116£»2012010703589980£»
Guangzhou Weikai Detection Technology Co., Ltd. , Security Type Testing, Report No.£º00501-CG2013-9098-S£»00501-CG2013-9095-S£»00501-CG2013-9093-S£»00501-CG2013-7807-S£»00501-CG2013-9097-S£»
Guangzhou Weikai Detection Technology Co., Ltd. , EMC testing Report No.£º 00501-CG2013-9098-E£»00501-CG2013-9095-E£»00501-CG2013-9093-E£»00501-CG2013-7807-E£»00501-CG2013-9097-E£»
China Ceprei Laboratory, CE-LVD certification, Certificate Number£ºEU 02 031635 01£»EU 02 031635 03£»
China Ceprei Laboratory, CE-EMC certification, Certificate Number£ºEU 01 031635 02£»EU 01 031635 04£»
China Ceprei Laboratory, CE-LVD certification, Certificate Number£ºLVD12-4920£»LVD12-4921£»LVD13-5404£»
China Ceprei Laboratory, CE-EMC certification, Certificate Number£ºEMC12-2446£»EMC12-2447£»EMC13-2732£»
China Quality Certification Center, ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification, Certificate Number£º00112Q213610R3M/3302¡£
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